Monday, February 27, 2012

Weaning at Hum Sweet Hum

I love just about all the chores and jobs I do here at Hum Sweet Hum but the one that breaks my heart is weaning crias from their moms.  Everyone is so sad.  Listening to the plaintive cries of babies wanting their mommies and moms calling to their kids about breaks my heart.  But one mom is on the thin side so for her best interest in gaining weight, it is time for mommies to day goodbye to their babies.  It's day two of weaning and already, they are whining a little less and off grazing more away from the fence where they can get closest to moms. 

I use this time of weaning to my benefit and to work with the babies.  I become the replacement of the nourishment and I take more time with them to hand feed if they will take their pellets that way or hold the bowl.  It is a time when the bond and trust in me becomes firmly established.  Babies are looking to someone to provide them comfort so my being the hand that feeds does just that.  I have found future training goes much smoother and the bond and trust carries into adulthood.  I try not to do anything negative with them for at least a week.  No halter work and no major handling unless necessary.  It's all good stuff I provide them with lots of treats and if weather is nice, the hose which they love.  I must admit, being the giver of goodies helps me feel less badly about taking away their mommies too. 

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