Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Element Alpaca Traveler

I love my Honda Element.  It is so handy.  The seats fold up against the side of the car and I can take a couple of alpacas on short hauls.  A few weeks ago, I went with my nearest alpaca neighbor Ann Dockendorf of Aragon Alpacas to pick up a dam and her cria from Bend, OR.  It was a couple hour haul back to Eugene.  Mother and son cushed in the back of the car.  I put some hay in the back for them to munch on.  It saved me money having my Element instead of a trailer because there were some really nice animals that would have been tempting to buy more of if I had more room than my economy car could hold!

It's been real handy in emergencies too.  Last summer, my girl Sprite broke her leg.  She was carefully loaded in the back of my car and I got her to OSU to get her leg all fixed up.  She has made a few trips back and forth to OSU for rechecks and she loves the car ride.  She looks out the window and as long as I have plenty of carrots to feed her, she is one happy camper.  Never a hum out of her. 

It's been handy to take a herdsire over for a date too.  Funny how they are a little reluctant to get in that first time but if they get to go back for a second date, they sure hop in right fast!  Talk about positive reward for a car ride!  A date!!!!

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  1. Love the blog! I know you must be working very hard....but it sure looks like fun!