Thursday, May 12, 2016

If Only I Were a Poet: The Animal Communication Experience

When I try and describe my intuitive experiences and communications with animals to others, I often see them smile and nod and I can tell that they are thinking that is nice and maybe even pretty cool, but I so miss the boat in being able to full describe how incredibly amazing that connection feels.  Our English language is so lacking.  And, perhaps my own verbal prowess is limited as well.  I wish I were a poet who is much better at capturing the perfect words to bring about the emotion and feelings of an experience. 

There is another reason why we often have a challenge describing intuitive experiences.  I believe that these intuitive hits we receive occur in a part of our brain where it isn't connected or fully connected to our verbal center of our brain.  When a new intuitive skill is opening up to me, I often can "feel" the experience but putting it into words is impossible.  I just know it is there and happened.  It can take multiple times of having similar intuitive hits before that pathway is created, or perhaps I will read or listen to someone else describe their own intuitive occurrence and it will resonate with my experience and I'll have an "Aha!" moment.  Thanks to these individuals that have shared their own observations and intuitive episodes, I have been provided verbal insights to describe my experiences. 

Because we often don't have the words for an experience, we humans tend to discount the event as something not real or think of it as less important and valuable if we can't describe it readily.  Think about how limiting and lacking our language is.  Take the word "Love" for example.  How many definitions of love is there?  I did a Google search of chocolate chip cookie recipes and it came up with 7,290,000 hits!  We could probably come up with at least that and more for the the various meanings of love.

Just because we may not have the language to fully describe connecting intuitively with animals doesn't mean that the experience isn't incredibly valuable and even life altering.  It teaches us so many skills that go beyond being able to connect and bond more deeply with our animals.  It teaches us to listen and trust an inner voice that we have learned to discount and ignore because we haven't had the language to explain it.

While my language continues to be lacking in describing my intuitive adventures, I keep trying to encourage people to experience it for themselves.  Reading about it is great but nothing is better than experiencing it for yourself.  To learn how and to give it a try for yourself, I'm offering my book for FREE for a limited time.  In the book, I not only provide techniques that are easy to learn but I also provide you exercises to practice and methods of helping you create that pathway between your intuition and verbal centers.  5 Steps to Animal Communication is available by filling out the from at this link.  Click Here

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Peace and Calm To Stop Alpaca Fighting Males

My alpaca males are my sweetie boys until they aren't.  I love my boys but they can be pains in the derriere at times too.  They can get into some knock down, drag-out fights.  I hate when they do that.  It causes such a ruckus and you never know if someone is going to come up with a bloodied ear or worse.  If I am outside with them, I try and stop it before it gets started.  Often if I can catch it before the fight gets going, I can stop it, but once the males really get mad, they are so focused, it isn't even safe to be in the pasture with them.  They aren't aware or see anyone else other than that other male they are mad at.

One day I was outside with them when a big fight started and I thought, I'm going to try putting out an energy and frequency of the emotions 'peace and calm'.  I kept picturing those words in my head and with every exhale, I'd say to myself those words, "Peace and calm."  I stood outside the boys' pasture and just kept picturing that energy floating through their pasture.  It took just a few moments and they stopped and looked around as if awakening from a daze.  Their mouths were open with the spitty mouth look.  The boys stood next to each other panting but the fighting stopped.  I repeated my Peace and Calm mantra a few more times and things remained quiet so I walked away keeping an eye on the boys to see if they'd start up their fight again.  They did not and they each went their own way to remedy their spitty mouth situations.

I wondered if this was a fluke or if my peace and calm mantra really worked.  I've since had many times to practice it and I have to say, 90% of the time, the boys have stopped fighting.  I'd be interested if others tried the same thing to see if they have similar results.  Just click here contact and let me know what you observe. 

If you'd like to learn some other helpful intuitive communication techniques, check out my book, 5 Steps to Animal Communication, it's free just click on the website and fill out the form and you'll get the link to download it. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Alpacas as Animal Communicator Teachers

I didn't start off as an intuitive or animal communicator in life.  I think I may have been always an exceptional listener from a very young age, but I didn't realize I had a gift for energy work and intuitive animal communication until well into my adulthood.  It was during the time I was earning my Master's Degree at Pacifica Graduate Institute that my interest and abilities to communicate with animals appeared.  I think many people have the belief that we are born with this intuitive gift.  Perhaps we are but many of us don't become aware of it until our adulthood.  I'm one of those that didn't become aware of my intuitive abilities until my late thirties.  

Once I became aware that I had this intuitive ability, I wanted to learn more and always would think to myself, I wish I could become better at this.  It is so amazing to connect to someone intuitively especially an animal.  My heart always wants to burst because it becomes so full of amazing energy after connecting with an animal at this level.  It is my "high."  I've learned several intuitive healing modalities such as Reiki, Healing Touch for Animals,  and Emotion Code to name a few.  I use some of the techniques I've learned from these modalities but mostly what they have done for me is help me define my own language and way of working with animals.  Energy is energy, however, the language we find that fits us individually is always the challenge in interpreting the intuitive information being downloaded to us. 

I love being able to connect to animals and help their owners understand them better, and help the animals themselves with physical and emotional issues they may have. But I also love the ability to teach others to have these same experiences for themselves.  I believe others can listen to their animals as well. The techniques I use can be easily taught to others.  It is another way for me to share my love of alpacas and my mission in life to encourage people to listen to their animals in a such a respectful, heartfelt and lovely way. 

My next class is coming up May 21, 2016 in beautiful Grass Valley, CA.  We will be using alpacas at the Heart and Soul Alpaca Ranch.  It is such a fun day and I am so looking forward to it.  Plus, I just saw a video of a baby mini-donkey just born on their farm and it has to be one of the cutest animals I have ever seen!  That is a reason to come by itself to see that cuteness in the flesh!  No alpaca experience is required.  These techniques work for all species of animals.  More information can be found about my classes on my website

If you can't make it to one of my classes, I have written a book, 5 Steps To Animal Communication that describes how to do some of these techniques and exercises to practice on your own.  The e-version is FREE for a limited time. 

Learn to Intuitively Connect with Animals

Friday, May 6, 2016

I Don't Know Why She Snorted Up a Fly

As I began my raking chores this morning, one of my alpacas, Jamilah,  started to sneeze.  She sneezed repeatedly so many times that I went back into her pasture to see if she was okay.  I didn't see anything like a bee sting which would cause her nose to swell and close off her airway.  Her nose looked fine except she kept sneezing as soon as I walked away.  I kept an eye on her and began raking up the alpaca beans, and she kept sneezing.

I stopped raking to check on Jamilah a second time.  She and I have always had a special connection and I started to get a little concerned that something was really stuck up in her nose that she kept sneezing like she was.  I looked at her again but couldn't find any swelling or sign of something to indicate something really serious was going on.  Fortunately, I can do energy work and communicate with animals, so I asked Jamilah if I could help her with the sneezing.  I released several energy blocks and her sneezing stopped.  I kept receiving information from Jamilah that a bug flew up her nose and she inhaled it. As I tapped into her, my nose started to itch terribly and tickle.  I thought how miserable that is for an animal who would have a hard time scratching their nose.  I was able to rub mine to make it feel better.  But for poor Jamilah, the only thing she could do was try and sneeze.

I can honestly say I've had a bug fly up my hose before and it is a terrible feeling!  I sent her more calming energy and she laid down for a bit as the sneezing eased off.  She had a few more snorts as I raked but they got better.  I had the children's song running through my head for the rest of my chores, "I know an old lady who swallowed a fly.  I don't know why she swallowed a fly. Perhaps she'll die."  The song isn't a perfect fit since it went up her nose instead of swallowing it but that is what came to mind and got stuck.  And now I bet it is stuck in yours!

Farm life! However, seriously speaking, I am sure grateful for the gift of being able to do some energy work on my animals.  I am glad I know these techniques that can ease some of their discomforts. What is also nice, is that my animals now know to come to me when they need a little help.  Jamilah is one of the first ones that if she needs a little energy, she walks over to me and stands waiting for me to do my thing for her. Jamilah usually stands in front of me blocking my way and then turns her body to the place she wants the energy.  She is quite clear about where she wants her energy directed.  What is also nice is that it doesn't usually take long at all to stop and give them a few moments of time and energy and they are happy.  And I am rewarded with a closer connection to my animals and I too benefit from the energy.  It is all a win/win. 

If you'd like to learn more how to communicate and work with your animals in an intuitive fashion, after all one of your animals may sniff up a bug, check out my new book, 5 Steps To Animal Communication.  I'm offering it for free for a limited time still! 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

5 Steps to Animal Communication e-Book is now available!

After many people have requested I write a book on how to communicate with animals, I listened!  My new e-book is now available for download.  5 Steps to Animal Communication: Listening to Your Animals Made Easy provides easy to learn techniques and exercises to practice and guide you to opening up to your own intuitive abilities.  The book is free for download from my website  Just fill out the form and an email will be sent with a link to download the book.  It will be available for a limited time for free and then it will be available on Amazon.  I hope folks enjoy it and get much use out of it.  I know these techniques have allowed me to have such a deep and intimate connection with animals and it has been wonderful guiding clients and workshop attendees to having the same experience.  I can't wait to hear stories from people and their experiences using these techniques! 

5 Steps to Animal Communication
5 Steps to Animal Communication