Monday, February 6, 2012

Bored? Try Boarding

Are you bored just playing Farmville?  Want to see if country and farm life is right for you before you make the big leap?  Don't know anything about alpacas and need an adult 4-H before you buy?  Try boarding first.  Here at Hum Sweet Hum, I board for folks just getting started and don't have their own place yet.  It's a great way to learn the ropes.  I teach you all the basics from trimming toenails and giving shots, halter training using my Positive Reinforcement Techniques to fiber processing the exquisite alpaca fleece, plus a lot more!  And, you can't beat the cost.  For about what you'd spend on a cup of coffee at Starbucks, you can board an animal. 

Boarding isn't just a good way to get started, it's fun and such a stress relief from your busy week and rush, rush world of city life.  Being around alpacas, teach us to slow down.  If you move fast around the alpacas, they don't want to hang out with you.  Take a deep breath and feel that quiet energy alpacas are so good at putting out.  Come give Jamilah or Jasmine a massage.  Who would think that giving a massage feels as good as getting one but just ask anyone who has given these girls a massage and they will tell you, it is so relaxing to sit with them, getting to feel that soft fleece on the body of the animal still and having them enjoy the touch!  Ahhhh, it is just this side of heaven for both animal and two-legger!

Boarding will keep you from being bored!  One thing with farm life is it's never boring!

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  1. I really liked your blog on boarding & lessons. All too true...When I got my boys, the lessons I got from you on handling them from toe trimming to clicker training work made the transition when they finally came to my little farm so much easier for them and for me.