Thursday, May 12, 2016

If Only I Were a Poet: The Animal Communication Experience

When I try and describe my intuitive experiences and communications with animals to others, I often see them smile and nod and I can tell that they are thinking that is nice and maybe even pretty cool, but I so miss the boat in being able to full describe how incredibly amazing that connection feels.  Our English language is so lacking.  And, perhaps my own verbal prowess is limited as well.  I wish I were a poet who is much better at capturing the perfect words to bring about the emotion and feelings of an experience. 

There is another reason why we often have a challenge describing intuitive experiences.  I believe that these intuitive hits we receive occur in a part of our brain where it isn't connected or fully connected to our verbal center of our brain.  When a new intuitive skill is opening up to me, I often can "feel" the experience but putting it into words is impossible.  I just know it is there and happened.  It can take multiple times of having similar intuitive hits before that pathway is created, or perhaps I will read or listen to someone else describe their own intuitive occurrence and it will resonate with my experience and I'll have an "Aha!" moment.  Thanks to these individuals that have shared their own observations and intuitive episodes, I have been provided verbal insights to describe my experiences. 

Because we often don't have the words for an experience, we humans tend to discount the event as something not real or think of it as less important and valuable if we can't describe it readily.  Think about how limiting and lacking our language is.  Take the word "Love" for example.  How many definitions of love is there?  I did a Google search of chocolate chip cookie recipes and it came up with 7,290,000 hits!  We could probably come up with at least that and more for the the various meanings of love.

Just because we may not have the language to fully describe connecting intuitively with animals doesn't mean that the experience isn't incredibly valuable and even life altering.  It teaches us so many skills that go beyond being able to connect and bond more deeply with our animals.  It teaches us to listen and trust an inner voice that we have learned to discount and ignore because we haven't had the language to explain it.

While my language continues to be lacking in describing my intuitive adventures, I keep trying to encourage people to experience it for themselves.  Reading about it is great but nothing is better than experiencing it for yourself.  To learn how and to give it a try for yourself, I'm offering my book for FREE for a limited time.  In the book, I not only provide techniques that are easy to learn but I also provide you exercises to practice and methods of helping you create that pathway between your intuition and verbal centers.  5 Steps to Animal Communication is available by filling out the from at this link.  Click Here

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