Friday, May 6, 2016

I Don't Know Why She Snorted Up a Fly

As I began my raking chores this morning, one of my alpacas, Jamilah,  started to sneeze.  She sneezed repeatedly so many times that I went back into her pasture to see if she was okay.  I didn't see anything like a bee sting which would cause her nose to swell and close off her airway.  Her nose looked fine except she kept sneezing as soon as I walked away.  I kept an eye on her and began raking up the alpaca beans, and she kept sneezing.

I stopped raking to check on Jamilah a second time.  She and I have always had a special connection and I started to get a little concerned that something was really stuck up in her nose that she kept sneezing like she was.  I looked at her again but couldn't find any swelling or sign of something to indicate something really serious was going on.  Fortunately, I can do energy work and communicate with animals, so I asked Jamilah if I could help her with the sneezing.  I released several energy blocks and her sneezing stopped.  I kept receiving information from Jamilah that a bug flew up her nose and she inhaled it. As I tapped into her, my nose started to itch terribly and tickle.  I thought how miserable that is for an animal who would have a hard time scratching their nose.  I was able to rub mine to make it feel better.  But for poor Jamilah, the only thing she could do was try and sneeze.

I can honestly say I've had a bug fly up my hose before and it is a terrible feeling!  I sent her more calming energy and she laid down for a bit as the sneezing eased off.  She had a few more snorts as I raked but they got better.  I had the children's song running through my head for the rest of my chores, "I know an old lady who swallowed a fly.  I don't know why she swallowed a fly. Perhaps she'll die."  The song isn't a perfect fit since it went up her nose instead of swallowing it but that is what came to mind and got stuck.  And now I bet it is stuck in yours!

Farm life! However, seriously speaking, I am sure grateful for the gift of being able to do some energy work on my animals.  I am glad I know these techniques that can ease some of their discomforts. What is also nice, is that my animals now know to come to me when they need a little help.  Jamilah is one of the first ones that if she needs a little energy, she walks over to me and stands waiting for me to do my thing for her. Jamilah usually stands in front of me blocking my way and then turns her body to the place she wants the energy.  She is quite clear about where she wants her energy directed.  What is also nice is that it doesn't usually take long at all to stop and give them a few moments of time and energy and they are happy.  And I am rewarded with a closer connection to my animals and I too benefit from the energy.  It is all a win/win. 

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