Friday, July 17, 2015

The Long Cria Watch

Waiting for crias (baby alpacas) to be born is quite the process.  The normal gestation is about Eleven and a half months so it is a long time to wait.  I had three pregnant animals and the first ten and a half months whizzed by like a blink of an eye.  Then the last couple weeks before the first due date and time went into slow motion.  In the beginning, I was pretty relaxed and it took a little to get used to being on cria watch. 

My days are spent close to the farm during cria birthing season.  I do my best not to schedule too much that I would have a hard time committing to.  But I do figure after a couple weeks after their due dates, I can start booking a few appointments.  Well, my girls this year did not read the manual because two decided to cook their babies a very long time.  One went about 365 days before finally birthing a cute baby girl and the other one is STILL cooking!  We are at about 12 and a half months into her gestation.  I've had the veterinarian out to examine her about two weeks ago and he thought she'd deliver in a couple days!  He expressed milk out even.  So yes, she is pregnant!  

I get asked a lot if I'm worried and I say, not too much.  Dove's behavior is normal.  She eats, goes potty, naps and all systems appear normal.  Her eyes are bright and she is very active.  I'd be worried if she was off feed and seemed to have a low energy field.  I intuitively tap in occasionally and ask if I should be concerned and I get "no."  I trust that intuitive voice.  Plus, with the other normal behavior Dove exhibits, all indications seem to say not to worry.  

I have to fight myself from being impatient.  I have much I want and should be doing instead of still stuck watching for a baby to show up someday.  But, I don't want an unhealthy baby so I tell myself to suck it up Buttercup and trust your girl to know when it is right to have this baby.  A few rescheduled appointments are not that important compared to having a healthy baby.  I try hard to choose my words carefully in asking for this baby to show up.  I say over and over, that this baby can come any time as long as it is healthy and an easy birth for momma.   

Being human though, the hard part of sitting and watching is how helpless the watcher is.  We humans like to get in there and fix things.  Doing nothing is so very hard for most of us.  That is one of the many reasons I love being able to do intuitive energy work.  I can at least offer gentle energy to my very pregnant, overdue alpaca moms-to-be.  Today, as I brushed my teeth it hit me that perhaps Dove has some trapped emotions from previous births that are holding up the process.  I tapped into her and asked and got a "yes!"  So I removed those trapped emotions and offered her gentle balancing energy that supported her body as it prepares to give birth.  Will it make things happen sooner?  I doubt it.  Mother Nature trumps all!  And, truly, I want this baby to come when it is the right time for it to be born healthy and strong.  But if it could happen today, I won't complain!

Waiting For Dove's Cria Birth


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