Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Eyes Are The Windows To Your Soul

     William Shakespeare wrote, "The eyes are the windows to your soul."  He must have been looking into alpaca eyes when he wrote that.  There is nothing more soulful than those big eyes when they look right into your own eyes.  When we take the time and calm our own hearts and soften our eyes, the response of an alpaca is seen in their eyes.  They communicate so much with them. 
     I have heard and learned many times over that when we want to gain the trust of an alpaca, we should lower our eyes and not look right into their eyes.  I used to turn my back and would hold my hand behind me with goodies to gain their trust in accepting treats. I have bent my head down low so they could sniff the top of my head and not show them my eyes.  However, I have since learned that they really do want to see our eyes.  If you want to gain your alpacas trust more quickly, keep your body posture in such a way, that they can always see your eyes.  Not only can we read much of what is going on with our alpaca, but they can read us as well through our eyes.  If we avert our eyes, they can't see what we are thinking or doing.  Our eyes convey much, stress, worry, where we may want to step next.  They can also convey calm, relaxed, gentleness and happiness. What we do not want to do is look at them square on with our shoulders directly facing them.  That is more a challenge.  I reserve that look for when they are very naughty and have spat at me and I need to be the "parent."  That is the only time I look at them in such a direct fashion.  However, when I work with them, catching them, or building trust with the various other energetic techniques I do, I make sure they can see my eyes.
     Alpacas, like horses have nearly 360 degrees of vision.  They don't see as well right in front of their face and right behind their rear end.  If you are walking behind an alpaca, you can tell exactly where they can't see you because they will shift their body slightly to put you into their field of vision.  They can see not only you but your eyes in that position.  It is a sign of respect to let them see your eyes.  So next time you go out to visit your alpacas, take a moment or two and let your alpaca look into your eyes and look into theirs.  It is often a very moving experience.

Zenyatta has such soulful eyes


  1. They do have more beautiful, clear and naive eyes than that of humans. In fact, all animals are more trusty and respectful than humans :-)