Sunday, March 16, 2014

Emotion Code Energy Work and Miss Marple

Miss Marple

Miss Marple is a young alpaca that will be 2 years old this summer.  She has been one of the farm favorites since she was born.  She is one of the most social alpacas and she came out of the womb that way.  She greets visitors with kisses.  She was such a confident baby exploring her world.  That is how I came up with her name because she investigated every piece of the barn and pasture area from the moment she could walk.  Her mother, Dulcinea, was my first alpaca that I owned.  I was so thrilled to get another girl and a beautiful, sweet girl with lovely rose gray fiber, and with the best personality to boot!  Last summer, I came out in the morning to begin my normal chore routine and discovered Dulcie, laying on her side not looking good.  I knew immediately that it was very bad.  I lost my sweet and wonderful first alpaca that morning.  Although Miss Marple had been weaned from her mother for some time, she was still close and back in the same pasture.  She followed her mother closely.  It was a shock and loss for both of us. 

Miss Marple latched onto her older sister right after losing her momma.  She follows Twister everywhere.  Although Miss Marple, still loves to greet visitors, she raises her tail in a submissive fashion and walks like a cria does when they are showing their submissive behavior.  She raises her tail and hunches her body as small as she can and still walk.  I thought with time, she would begin to gain her confidence back but instead, I've watched my once confident baby, become more and more insecure. 

Learning Emotion Code to release trapped emotions, I wondered how or if it could help Miss Marple.  I went out to the pasture where they were all grazing.  I didn't want to catch her or hold her unless she wanted me to.  The herd saw me and came running.  Miss Marple ran to me in her hunched cria way and greeted me with kisses.  I mentally reached out to her and asked if I could do the energy work.  The others quickly trotted away from me and Miss Marple ran to be near her big sister.  I discovered many trapped emotions.  Grief, defensiveness, insecurity, unsupported, terror, and panic showed up as well as a traumatic trapped emotion.  I released them all observing her behavior the entire time.  After the first trapped emotion was released, she cushed immediately (laying down with her legs folded under her).  She had her tail raised still showing submission which was odd since I was a good 30 feet away from her.  I was no where close to being able to catch her.  I knew she was "hearing" me.  She stood up after the first trapped emotion was released and ran again to her sister.  The herd moved further away from me.  I stood still and let them be where they felt most comfortable.  Miss Marple turned and stared straight at me and was very nervous about what was going on.  I released more of the trapped emotions and when she said she had released all she wanted or could, I slowly walked over to where the herd was standing and grazing.  She ran back to me still in the cria position and gave me kisses and then cushed again right next to me. This was not her normal behavior.  I kneeled down and patted her neck and gave her a kiss.  She didn't stay down long and popped up again to run to her sister.  This time, I was shocked when Zenyatta, another female in the herd, jumped on Miss Marple's back and started to bite at her ears and spitting at her.  I was so surprised by this aggressive behavior.  I immediately jumped into the mix hollering at Zenyatta to leave Miss Marple alone and pointed my finger at her face staring right into her eyes showing my leadership of the herd.  It got Zenyatta's attention and she stared back at me.  I knew I needed to get this situation under control quickly.  I calmed Zenyatta down and focused on her.  I wasn't sure if she was jealous of the attention and communication I was giving to Miss Marple or if my energy work was shifting the dynamic of the herd or if there was some other cause of this odd behavior.  I mentally communicated to Zenyatta the reason for my communication with Miss Marple and then told her that she was growing to be a leader of the herd.  Then I told her how it was her job and role to show Miss Marple how to be a confident girl and that was what made a true and good leader of a herd.  I knew that telling her the negative of what I observed wasn't what I wanted planted in Zenyatta's brain so I repeated several times what I saw her role as and what I expected from her as a leader of the herd.  She was quiet while I communicated with her and I could tell she was listening to me.  She stood perfectly still taking in what I was saying.  The fighting all calmed.  Miss Marple was more in the cria pose then ever so I'm not sure if the energy work shifted anything in her.  I had more questions of what may be causing the lack of confidence in Miss Marple.  I had assumed it was all due to the death of Dulcie but after seeing Zenyatta's behavior, it could be in part of being bullied.  

I walked back to the house with many thoughts running through my head of what I observed.  What I expected to happen was blown out of the water with the reality.  What dynamics I witnessed!  I now realize I made a serious mistake in this session.  I need to communicate with ALL of the alpacas in the group before I begin and tell them what is about to happen and why and that they all need to be a part of it.  I surprised the heck out of them and I suspect they weren't sure what the heck to do with what was happening.  They aren't used to two-leggers coming out and communicationg in their way! But now that I have that good lesson under my belt, I have lots of great information on how my herd works together and how I need to approach them.  What was really great was how quickly they calmed with more communication and settled back into their routine.  And I saw how many could "hear" what was going on with this emotion code work.  Wow!  That was pretty cool seeing them all react to it even when it was just the one being worked on.  That 5 minute session was a wealth of information and training for me!  Time will tell how much it helped Miss Marple or if we made things worse because of Zenyatta's reaction.  But now I have more information of what is going on that might be causing Miss Marple's lack of confidence.  The work may be more with Zenyatta instead of Miss Marple!


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