Monday, October 7, 2013

Mowgli and Calvin's Big Outing

Ann from Aragon Alpacas talking about alpacas with guests and Mowgli and Calvin making a new friend

I had Mowgli and Calvin at an event this weekend.  I was so proud of my boys.  They did well on their excursion out in public.  I caught them early before my friend Ann came over to help load the boys.  I haltered up Mowgli and he stood at the barn door waiting for me to open it.  I was getting the two boys dressed in their halters and finish getting my supplies ready but Mowgli was all set to go.  I had to laugh since I hadn't seen him do that before.  He was eager and ready to go on an outing.  The last time he was haltered, we went to a summer art camp for kids and he had so much fun that he was ready to go again!  I don't always know how much fun they really have or are they just being tolerant with the activities.  But seeing Mowgli eager to go out, I think he actually enjoys himself. 

The two boys were definitely the hit of the event.  Everyone came over to see them and they got their bellies filled with carrots.  A new person that came over would get their hands checked to see if there was a carrot in them.  I'd make sure the hands would get a carrot or two and the boys were happy to engage.  It is such a great socialization activity.  The alpacas get to experience different ages, sizes, shapes, men, women, children, hats, smells and any number of other sensory stimuli on these outings.  They seemed to enjoy it most when I would take them out of the pen to take them for walkabouts.  They greeted people allowing pets and pats even on their heads.  I'd try and get to people first and ask to make sure only necks or backs were patted but some would not hear or forget and go straight to the top of the head.  The boys tolerated it with good humor.  They got extra carrots and goodies for their patience. 

I took the boys home after a long time and I had to laugh on the drive home.  It was like having two tired children in the back.  If Calvin touched Mowgli by accident, I'd hear a spit being launched.  Calvin didn't have much room and it was by accident.  He wasn't trying to torment Mowgli but if he barely touched Mowgli, there would go another spit.  "He's touching me!"  I'd tell Mowgli to relax and it was an accident and no spitting in the car.  Then they'd settle down and look out the back window.  I was the stereotypical mom keeping arguing children calm in the car. 

We got home and the boys were quite happy to be home with their herd mates.  They were greeted at the gate but no male pecking order fuss happened.  All were happy to see each other and catch up on the news of their outing.  It was a fun day had by all.  And like all outings that are fun to go out on, it is even more enjoyable being home. 

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