Monday, October 14, 2013

Conversations from Readers of Alpacas Don't Do That

I'm so enjoying talking to people reading my newly published book, Alpacas Don't Do That.  It is fascinating for me to hear what is catching the reader's attention.  I was talking to someone the other day about my book and they were telling me that early in my book where I described having the talent of intuition is like being a good singer.  Not all of us can sing well where others are born with an operatic voice.  Those of us that should keep our singing in our showers know that no matter how many voice lessons we take, we will never make stage performers, and some with lessons can join choirs and really enjoy that but never still make it to having a top 40 hit.  The same is true where intuitive abilities are concerned.  Some of us are born more gifted and talented in that area.  I believe we all have some abilities but they may be more like those who should only sing in showers (like me!).  My description and using singing as a metaphor resonated with this person.  They said how they are looking at their own intuition differently and when others describe their experiences of "coincidences" they are seeing the possibility of it being not merely a coincidence but intuition occurring.

It was really exciting for me listening to this individual get excited about the possibilities of their own intuition and being less afraid of it.  Coming from a society that is dominated by a sensate mindset is difficult when talking about intuitive experiences.  Most people only believe things if they feel, touch, taste, hear, or see it for themselves.  Listening and communicating with animals would not fit within that category!  I know how frightening it was for me to admit that I could do those non-sensate, very intuitive things.  Would I be marginalized? Be treated differently?  Teased?  Bullied?  Dis-respected? I had a lot of concerns in the earlier days of opening up to my intuitive abilities.  It helped me to read others' experiences and I found through the sharing of their stories, moments I could relate to that had happened to me.  I saw trends of how their own abilities developed that were similar to my own.  It wasn't something totally new happening if others had similar things happen to them.  It gave me more confidence.  Yet, those folks were still categorized out in the world.  You go to the bookstore and they are in the metaphysical, New Age, Woo-woo areas.  I was an engineer and not around a lot of those types of folks.  It was a stretch for me.  I had to live in two different worlds for some time and it felt like I lived a dual personality.  For many years of being an engineer working for the government no less, that intuitive side of me was kept well hidden from my colleagues.  But as I learned more about it, I found it helped me greatly in my work environment.  I could read people's body language better and their energy.  I could read when someone was not telling me the truth.  Boy did that come in handy in negotiations.  Instead of being afraid of my intuition, it became an ally.

I have to say turning 40 was wonderful!  There is something about entering into your 40's that you just stop caring what others think about you.  You are what you are.  If you like me, great and if you don't, that is fine too.  I just don't need everyone to like me.  It became a lot easier to be myself and allow others to see that side of me and how the intuitive side was playing a more important role in my life.  Turning 50 only made that feeling stronger of really not caring what others think!  I wouldn't want to go back to 20's or 30's because it is so freeing having this attitude.

Having the ability to communicate with animals and doing energy work on them has been the best gift anyone could ever give me.  So why shouldn't I just shout that out with pride and excitement that this is super cool!  And, if by reading my book others get inspired or find confidence to open up and realize they too have this ability, that is even more super cool!  Thank you all for sharing your experiences from reading my book.  I so love hearing them.  Send me more of what has resonated in you from reading my book.  Send them to  You sharing your stories helps others open up to their abilities too!

My recently published book Alpacas Don't Do That

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