Monday, November 18, 2013

Sending Alpacas to Their New Home and Shifting Dynamics

I sent four alpacas to their new home yesterday.  I was curious to see if there would be shifting dynamics in the herd group those four were amongst.  One alpaca left behind is a 2 year old daughter and she is definitely missing her mom.  She looks over the fence and comes to me when I walk into her pasture.  She follows me and then goes to the fence looking off in the distance as if hoping to find her mom.  Her ears are pinned back as if more anxious.  But she isn't so anxious that she is skipping her meals and grazing so those are good signs.  The others in that group were not particular buddies with the others and they seem to not miss the others much.  The one that left was quite the matriarch and head of that group, so seeing if one of the others takes on that role will be interesting to watch.  So far, no one has seemed to be assuming that role, or if they are, not in the same way as Misty did.  Misty was the pig of the group too and I do know they are enjoying their meals without someone pushing them out of their bowls!

It is always bittersweet sending off animals to their new homes.  I miss them, but I'm also very happy that people are getting to enjoy the fruits of my labor with my clicker trained and social alpacas.  I got a call today from the new owner telling me all the antics the gang went through in their new home.  They are adjusting nicely and checking out all the new grass and areas to roll in and enjoy.  They are a little anxious and still not sure if they are coming back here or what is going on.  A little humming but that will ease in a day or two.  They are lucky alpacas having a wonderful new lovely home and owner to be their shepherdess.  I love win/wins and in this case, it is a win/win/win!  The alpacas win with a wonderful new home, their owner wins by having 4 lovely, gentle, and friendly alpacas and I win by having a sale and having made a new alpaca farmer friend!

Checking out their new home.  Look at all this green grass!  Weehee!!!

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