Monday, September 9, 2013

Alpacas Don't Do That

I finally got my book completed.  Alpacas Don't Do That has been in the works for years.  It has been a real amazing process.  It was a lot of writing, rewriting, editing, putting it away for a long time, refreshing and hacking away until I feel it is finally ready for release.  This book describes how I was led to Alpacas, Clicker Training and performing Energy Work for animals.  While trying to figure out how to clicker train and do my energy work on alpacas, I received a lot of life lessons.  It has been a lot of fun and hard lessons a long the way and I know there will be a lot more to come thanks to these wonderful creatures.

It took awhile to be ready to release this book because it shares so much of those inner places and intimate moments I have shared with my animals.  I wasn't completely sure I wanted to share with everyone but writing this blog and receiving wonderful feedback from it, I have decided that I do want to share these stories and experiences.

If you are interested in reading Alpacas Don't Do That, you will be able to find it on Amazon or you can contact me personally at  It has been a writing of love that is for sure.

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