Monday, August 5, 2013

Energy Work: Helping Felix the Sheep

I got a call the other day from a friend who's sheep was sick.  She said he had gone off feed and the vet had been out earlier and treated him as best he could but Felix hadn't improved.  He wasn't eating, pooping or peeing.  I asked her if she had heard of the homeopathy Pyrogen.  She had not.  I told her that I had used it on several of my seriously ill animals and found that it had helped them get back to eating.  I wasn't sure how or why but it seemed to work.  I give them 10 doses about 10-15 minutes apart.  When the animals are that sick, it can help and can't hurt them and being in such a crisis state, I'm willing to try just about anything.  The treatments hopefully help them hold on until at least the traditional vet medicines can kick in or buy me time to get a vet out to get diagnosed and treated.  When you are in the country, getting a vet out can take a day or two or longer.  I try and have as many tools at my ready disposal to use in emergencies.  I use aromatherapy, homeopathy and traditional vet care and medicines.  I want every tool I can get to take care of my herd.  And, unfortunately, sometimes vet care is beyond my financial means so I need to find alternatives that can hopefully help when there is an ill animal on my farm.

I ran over to my friend's place and brought a bottle of my Pyrogen to let her try it.  While there and helping her get started treated Felix with the Pyrogen, I offered to give him an energy treatment too.  She readily agreed to let me try whatever I could.  I haven't spent much time with sheep so I wasn't quite sure what to expect and had never done energy work on one either.  I have visited with my friend's sheep before and they have always run away from me so I was surprised when Felix stood still.  I let him sniff my hands as I got the energy started.  He seemed to sense that I was there to aid him.  I walked slowly and carefully up to him prepared to use distant energy on him, but he allowed me to place my hands on him.  I could feel his energy was weak and unbalanced.  I focused on his first chakra area which is for basic survival.  I knew he needed a boost there and I like to start there anyway unless my intuition tells me otherwise.  I worked on each chakra area sensing his energy starting to flow better.  I didn't work too long when my lower back started to ache terribly.  It was very painful for me to stand and work on him.  At first I thought it as because I had to bend slightly to reach him and then realized it wasn't me but coming from him so I used that information to guide me in focusing my energy towards that area that was hurting.  It felt like some sort of blockage like a kidney or urinary tract blockage.  After getting his energy flowing better, I felt my back relaxing.  I could work on him longer and my backache stopped hurting altogether.

I took breaks every 10 minutes or so to help give him another dose of Pyrogen.  In my experience using Pyrogen, if it is going to help, the alpacas pop up and start eating after the 5th or 6th dosage.  But we went through those with no change.  I kept work on his energy feeling that one spot that had made my body ache.  I worked on him about an hour and a half and he piddled just a thimble amount and he pooped out one or two pellets.  It was a start and had been more than he had done all day.  I suggested that she borrow my alphasonic machine.  Perhaps that would help if there was a blockage of some sort to break it down.  The alphasonic emits a low frequency pulse and if nothing else, is very soothing and calming.  Most animals love it and fall asleep quite often when I use it on them. Again, it couldn't hurt him.  My friend had used my gizmo as I call it, before and thought that was a good idea.  She took over giving the last couple of doses of Pyrogen on her own and I went back to my farm to tend to my evening chores but was ready to head back if I could be of further assistance. 

I got a call after my friend gave the 10th dose.  "He's eating!"  We were both thrilled.  Still no pee or pooping.  She ran to my place and borrowed my gizmo.  I had told her what I was experiencing on Felix and suggested that was where she should focus the alphasonic.  She called after using the gizmo and said that Felix started pooping a considerable amount and more normal looking after using the gizmo.  We were beginning to become more hopeful that our efforts were working! 

The next morning, Felix was off feed again.  She went back and started the Pyrogen and Gizmo treatments.  After the treatments had been completed, she decided the best thing was to let Felix out with his flock mates.  He seemed to want to get to them.  I agreed.  It's a balancing act of deciding when to keep an animal isolated and in a pen to recuperate and when to let them be with their herd or buddies.  In this case, there wasn't much more anyone could do so letting him be where he was happiest was best thing for him.  My friend went to check on Felix later that afternoon and she said he took one look at her coming and bolted running quickly away from her.  She had to do a double take to make sure she was walking up to the right sheep.  The day before, Felix could barely walk and even stumbled a few times as I did energy work on him.  So her seeing him run so easily and quickly away from her was thrilling.  She brought him in with the others for their regular evening routine.  Felix went straight to the hay stack and began eating voraciously.  The other sheep were in another area so she knew it was just Felix in there eating and then she heard him peeing.  It was dark so she couldn't see but she said she heard a constant good flow coming out of him. 

Felix is doing well now and acting normally, eating well and doing all the other bodily functions anyone needs to do.  He is an example of why it is great to have all these tools at our disposal.  It has motivated me to learn more about Homeopathy and get back to being a good student practicing my energy work again.  It was such a moving experience to work with Felix, my new sheep buddy. 

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