Friday, March 30, 2012

Alpaca Farm Life: You Gotta Love It

There are days when you have to really love what you do.  Last week was one of them.  I was trying to head down to Southern California for the International Alpaca Odyssey show when a snow storm hit.  Instead of getting in my car and driving down to the show, I found myself shoveling snow off the roof of my shelters, sitting in a cold dark house because of no power and watching as the weather turned from bad to worse.  A tree limb came down taking out a power line and there was a live wire across my driveway and the limb took out some pasture fencing.  The snow collapsed one roof of a shelter too.  But despite all that, it was a great day because I have wonderful alpaca neighbors that came over as soon as they were dug out of their place and with good old duct tape and hay twine, we made a temporary shelter and the power company came by 5 pm and got my power all working again.  The farm isn't quite put together yet but it was together enough that I could get away for the show.

I came in drenched and frozen many times that day.  I had to ask myself was I nuts for doing this?  It wasn't the most fun day in the history of Hum Sweet Hum but I do have to say, I wouldn't have traded it for a day back at my desk job.  The reality of alpaca farming can be tough but in the end, I wouldn't change any of it.  Today, I was out pounding t-posts repairing and securing the pasture fencing that was damaged.  It may not be pretty but the alpacas are happy again to be out grazing and I know the fence is once again secure for them to be safe.

I got asked a lot when I finally made it to the show, if I was glad I made the move, and I can honestly say, I love my life and my farm even with the challenges.

Look for a new blog about the happenings at the alpaca show!  That was a fun weekend!!!!

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