Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Peace and Calm To Stop Alpaca Fighting Males

My alpaca males are my sweetie boys until they aren't.  I love my boys but they can be pains in the derriere at times too.  They can get into some knock down, drag-out fights.  I hate when they do that.  It causes such a ruckus and you never know if someone is going to come up with a bloodied ear or worse.  If I am outside with them, I try and stop it before it gets started.  Often if I can catch it before the fight gets going, I can stop it, but once the males really get mad, they are so focused, it isn't even safe to be in the pasture with them.  They aren't aware or see anyone else other than that other male they are mad at.

One day I was outside with them when a big fight started and I thought, I'm going to try putting out an energy and frequency of the emotions 'peace and calm'.  I kept picturing those words in my head and with every exhale, I'd say to myself those words, "Peace and calm."  I stood outside the boys' pasture and just kept picturing that energy floating through their pasture.  It took just a few moments and they stopped and looked around as if awakening from a daze.  Their mouths were open with the spitty mouth look.  The boys stood next to each other panting but the fighting stopped.  I repeated my Peace and Calm mantra a few more times and things remained quiet so I walked away keeping an eye on the boys to see if they'd start up their fight again.  They did not and they each went their own way to remedy their spitty mouth situations.

I wondered if this was a fluke or if my peace and calm mantra really worked.  I've since had many times to practice it and I have to say, 90% of the time, the boys have stopped fighting.  I'd be interested if others tried the same thing to see if they have similar results.  Just click here contact and let me know what you observe. 

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