Friday, March 14, 2014

The Wedgie Method of Change

I was recently asked how I chose the people to invite to the launching of my two new ventures with Life Force International and Emotion Code.  It was such a success and they were curious if there was any thought to my invites.  The answer was a definite YES!  Yes, I thought about the people I wanted there to launch my business.  To me it wasn't about quantity of people attending.  I had limited space for one thing.  But more importantly, I wanted to be surrounded by the people I knew would be the most supportive and eager to hear what it was that I had chosen as new ventures.  I had about 20 friends come to my evening event.  Also attending were my mentor and coach, Francie and the Vice President of the Life Force company there as well as Pam, who introduced me to Body Balance.  I had a strong team that was more knowledgeable on Body Balance there to back me up and provide answers to questions as well as set a tone of confidence.  I wasn't quite there yet in feeling confident about the details of the product to answer questions accurately.  I joked that night that I still felt like had my training wheels so I was so grateful to have the knowledge and experience of Francie and Alex there.  Their presence was a key element to the successful launch.

It has been my experience that when I have a new idea that I want others to buy into, I have been most successful when I use my "Wedgie Method."  If you have a huge boulder to be moved, pushing against it with all your might, won't get that boulder to budge.  To get that boulder to move, placing wedges underneath to provide leverage will eventually get that boulder to move.  When I have ideas that I want others to buy into, I seek out those people that are more open to new ideas.  I seek out positive personality types that are open to change and willing to try new things.  Their egos aren't attached so strongly to the old method that they aren't will to try.  Finding the right people to be the wedge is key. 

There are many different personality types.  There are some of us that almost need change or we get bored so we are very open to it.  It is probably a good thing there are boulders to slow me down at times so that I have to think through ideas more carefully before jumping in and going after too many things.  Then there are types of people that may take more time to catch on to the vision of the idea but they have a lot of trust and faith in the person that has the idea so they are willing to give it go based solely on the fact that they trust the idea person.  Then there is the next type of person that needs more evidence.  They need to start seeing some of the change happening and what it it looks like.  They might be able to picture it, but they really need to see it better.  Those will be the second level wedges and they are the vast majority of people.  So getting many of those folks to buy into it is when those boulders start to budge and move.  But you need those first people that just have faith in the person to give a try and it is their spreading the word about how great an idea it is that convinces the next level to try too.  The last group of folks, hate change.  They aren't going to try or will try it with their feet dragging and fighting it the entire way.  They will do whatever it takes to not have it happen.  If you want them on board, it is going to take a lot of your time to get them to do it.  When I worked as an engineer and supervisor, it was my job to get those folks to accept and do whatever the new method the change required but I found myself spending the vast majority of my time, listening to them complain, fight the change, undermine the change, sabotage things, etc.  However, now that I work for myself, I can chose not to invite those types to my events!  I can choose what people I want around me and what will help me be successful.

Those people that came to the launching of my two new ventures are the best.  They listened and were so engaged with what Body Balance has to offer and they volunteered to help me complete the requirements I needed to become certified in Emotion Code energy work.  Instead of me singly trying to get all the work of getting the word out on these ventures, they are the wedge moving this business forward and spreading the word of how amazing Emotion Code works and how much better they feel now that they have been on Body Balance.  I like to set myself and others up for success.  And I love this Wedgie Theory and that night of the launching of my business ventures, proved how incredibly great that theory works!  Thanks to all who came!!!!

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