Monday, March 3, 2014

Achieving the Life We Want

Achieving the Life that Fits!
How do we achieve what we want in life?  Such an easy question but rarely an easy answer.  This past year or more, I've spent many hours (usually as I'm raking my alpaca poop and doing my outside chores) pondering on this very question.  What I discovered I was doing for most of the time and why I wasn't getting those things I wanted was because I was thinking in the negative.  I was spending more time thinking about wasn't working and what it was I did NOT want.  For example, I'd would say I want my farm to be lucrative and be able to stay home to work but then I'd think about how I didn't want to go back to having a day job and most of my thinking was how much I hated the thought of going back to a day job of an 8 - 5 routine.  Even though I knew that was not the correct way of thinking, I found myself still thinking that way.  I believe that we attract what we most think about so here I was attracting that which I most dreaded.  I did that because I did not have a full picture of what it was that I DID want.

It really hit home and made me fully aware of what I was doing when I read one of the many books I picked up to help me shift my thinking patterns.  One asked the simplest question.  I was asked to write and picture what it was that I wanted my life to look like.  I should have been able to write volumes of what it was I wanted in drawing income towards me and I came up blank.  My vision had been stuck in just picturing me raising my alpacas and running my farm.  I knew I needed other income streams coming in.  I have tried various ones that are all within the alpaca industry norm. This exercise made me stretch my mind out of this one way thinking.  I was so stuck in seeing my farm in this one model and vision.  I thought, well why does it have to be only alpaca related?  Can I do something else that isn't alpaca related that I really enjoy and stay home to do it?  The answer was of course!  Such a simple mind-shift that was so obvious to do yet I hadn't done it!  My brain had created an equation that said, if I don't make my alpacas support me, then I have to go get a day job.  I remember the moment when I said, "Who says?"  That isn't the only way it has to be.  Why can't I find something else do do that I enjoy as much or maybe even more than my alpacas that also allows me to run and grow alpaca business too. 

My time thinking while raking changed dramatically after that simple shift in my mind-set.  I began picturing the key elements I wanted for myself in creating these new income streams.  I finally came up with four main criteria:
1) I want to stay home and work from my farm; 
2) I want to still work with animals in some fashion and if it helps people too that would be great;
3) I have been fascinated with social entrepreneurial businesses and would love for my business to grow in that way.  I love win/wins.  I want it to be a very positive feel and to attract that kind of positive, pay-it-forward kind of people to the business model I choose, and
4) I want it to be very lucrative.  If it isn't lucrative, the 3 other criteria won't stand a chance of being successful.  There is nothing wrong with doing good and making a very good living.  This last statement is another blog or two to write about!

Once I fixed in my mind those four criteria, suddenly opportunities came to me.  I learned of  Life Force International and Emotion Code.  Life Force International has some amazing products.  I started taking Body Balance after my friend Pam, owner of A Peaceful Sanctuary, in a passing conversation told me about how great the Body Balance product was and how it had helped her little dog, grandchild with a serious life issue and her mother's Alzheimers.  If I just read about it as a testimonial online, I would have been not as believing but I know my friend and have met her sweet granddaughter and her cute little dog and have watched from the sidelines their coping and dealing with those health issues.  So knowing from a closer view of the realness of those issues and then hearing how this product aided them, intrigued me.  I decided I'd try it for myself.  It was within days that I noticed I wasn't hungry throughout the day and when I did get hungry, it took hardly anything to fill me up.  Food cravings dissipated.  In a few weeks of taking my Body Balance, I noticed I was more energetic and some of my normal aches and pains weren't as bad or were gone!  I investigated the Life Force company more and as I got to know it better, I am seeing how it fits my 4 criteria.  This company is all about Pay-it- Forward.  It is part of its mission.  I have attracted such positive people to be learning from by being joining this company.  It allows me to stay home to earn income and I'm helping people and animals doing it.  The coaching and mentoring alone has been worth being a part of the company.  What can be better!

At almost the same time I heard about Body Balance, I stumbled upon the energy technique called Emotion Code.  I could tell something was stuck in me that was preventing me from being successful and drawing to me those things I wanted for myself.  Although I intuitively felt these blockages, I could not figure out how to get rid of them.  As I read online about this Emotion Code work, I thought, this is what I've been looking for in helping me unblock my trapped emotions.  How Bradley Nelson described trapped emotions completely fit with what I felt was holding me back.  I bought the book and although I knew I could do it myself, I wanted someone else to try it on me to see how it worked with someone more experienced doing it.  It is such a simple technique and yet it is powerful.  I felt immediately some changes in my body.  My constant neck pain I've had for ages disappeared as one of my trapped emotions was cleared.  I found myself thinking more positively and hopefully.  It took two sessions with the certified Emotion Code practitioner before I felt I could continue on myself.  I cleared my trapped emotions and my new business ventures started to formulate and take hold. 

These two new added ventures to my life have been so exciting.  They fit who I am and tap into where my talents lie.   The two blend so well together because some have emotional blocks to getting to healthier lives and we all need the Body Balance to help clear the toxins in our bodies and feed it with the lush nutrients it contains.  If you believe in Mind, Body and Spirit, then you understand that these two need to work together.  I can't imagine having one without the other.  I'm currently completing my certification process in Emotion Code and will be opening my shingle soon to offer this service to people and animals.  And I am so very pleased to be a member of Life Force International.  Helping people obtain what they want out of life is the coolest job ever!

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