Monday, November 4, 2013

Alpaca Chin T-Touching Bonding Session

When folks first meet alpacas, they find out that many don't like to be touched.  Alpacas jump away if you reach out to touch them.  Many of mine do that too, however, I've been working with several of my alpacas using different techniques to see if they will accept touching and enjoy it. 

The other day, Miss Marple seemed to want to engage in some companionship.  I was out doing my chores when she came over to me.  I set down my rake and scooper and bent down.  She is about 18 months now so not quite full grown.  She has always been more social than the norm so a good candidate for me to try different techniques on.  I'm getting ready to attend a TTouch workshop next month and have a book that I've been reading through in preparation.  I've learned a few techniques over the years and eager to learn more.  I went out and concentrated just on TTouches to see if Miss Marple would accept them.  She had every opportunity to walk away from me.  I did not hold her at all.  With one hand I reached under Miss Marple's chin and did small gentle circular touches.  She didn't pull back and stood still and even looked up at me.  I did those circles for a few moments and then reached moved my hand slowly doing circles towards the back of her neck.  She didn't care for that and moved away so I stopped.  She came back and I went back under her chin and she stayed still.  I rubbed her cheek and chin and I saw her eyes soften more.  She reached her head up to touch mine as I bent my head down towards hers.  We rested our foreheads together as I did the gentle TTouches around her cheek and chin.  We stayed like that for nearly 5 minutes!  It was one of the most amazing bonding moments I have shared with an alpaca.  When I moved my hand to try the back of her neck or down her neck, she said no and back off and then I'd go back to her cheek and chin and she'd come back and want to put her forehead on mine.  I'd kiss her nose and just love on her that way and she was perfectly content to do that for as long as I wanted to do the TTouches in that spot.  We were both in heaven. 

Since doing that, Miss Marple has been more my buddy than ever.  She has always been affectionate but if I come in the gate, I get greeted and followed like a puppy dog!  It is just so sweet.  She has appropriate manners the whole time and sometimes she doesn't want her TTouches but just wants to hang out with me.  I just love it!  I can't wait to attend this workshop and learn more. 

Miss Marple Accepting Chin TTouches
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