Friday, February 3, 2012

Hum Sweet Hum Logo

I get a lot of nice feedback on my logo but many don't know why I chose Kokopelli to be an iconic image to represent my business.  When I first got alpacas, I decided to experiment with clicker training them.  I was pleased how quickly they learned using this method of training and it's positive reinforcement techniques.  As the alpacas learned that I was the holder of goodies and all they had to do was something silly like touch my hand with their nose and they'd get a click and a treat.  Putting their noses in halters became a game rewarded with more treats.  When I arrived at the farm I was boarding at, the alpacas would come running.  

The Herd Coming To Welcome Me in the Pasture
One very hot summer day, I decided it was too hot to do any serious training.  So I decided to experiment with them following me about the pasture going from one shelter to the next.  It was a pasture of mostly weanlings between 6 months and a year old so still quite playful.  I clicked whoever followed me and gave them treats when we arrived at the next shelter out of the heat.  Then we went over under the shade of a tree.  I had about a half dozen or more follow me.  There was a nice dirt mount nearby so decided to run to the top of it and yelled, "Queen of the Mountain!"  I laughed as all the kids that decided we were having a fun clicker game running to the top of the mound and jumped off kicking their heels in joy.  Then I said, "time to roll in the dirt kids!"  I pretended without getting down into the dirt the rolling motion and was amazed when one after the other of the alpaca kids came off the mound and rolled in the spot I had been in when I pretended to roll.  We had a fun game of Simon Says filled with lots of clicks and treats.  I felt like a true Pied Piper.  After that incident, I found the Kokopelli image and thought that was perfect and representative of being the herdress and Pied Piper to my alpaca herd. 

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